A white line spans a black piece of paper from top to bottom.

Triptych from Fog Series, Ma Qiusha, 2014. Image – sample from series. Courtesy of the artist.

Ma Qiusha, Triptych from Fog Series, 2014

Artist: Ma Qiusha

Title: Triptych from Fog Series

Year: 2014

Medium: Watercolour on paper

Dimensions: 30 x 100cm each

Accession Number: US2014-5

Acquisition info:

The Fog Series represents a common motif in Ma Qiusha’s work: Windows. She sees them symbolically as a barrier, but at the same time a channel to understand the outside world.

Working with the curtain material found across the windows of her home in Beijing, Ma Qiusha transforms the translucent fabric into something much darker.

On first glance, the work appears to be a single black painting with a harsh white mark scratched into it, but upon closer inspection the delicate material, and floral patterns of the curtain, appear through the black paint. This contrast between the delicate and domesticated, with the harsh sharpness of the black and white markings echo the ideas of Ma Qiusha’s work beautifully.

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