A black and white photograph of a younger person. They have short dark hair and a short beard and moustache. They're looking straight towards the camera.

Craig Easton Awais, 16, Nelson, Lancashire 2018.

Craig Easton Awais, 16, Nelson, Lancashire 2018

Artist: Craig Easton

Title: Awais, 16, Nelson, Lancashire

Year: 2018

Medium:  Digital Photograph

Dimensions: H: 138cm W: 112cm

Accession Number: US2018-17B

Acquisition info: part of the wider project ‘SIXTEEN’ which explores the hopes, dreams, ambitions and fears of sixteen year olds from all walks of life all around the UK. As with much of Easton’s work it is rooted in social documentary and ties in with other projects looking at notions of meritocracy, social mobility and how we organise society.

SIXTEEN evolved into a group project and touring exhibition when Easton invited a number of leading contemporary photographers around the UK to contribute works from different regions. His own interests were in the Scottish Islands and in the post-industrial communities of the north of England, where this work was made.

The major touring exhibition launched at the New Adelphi Exhibition Gallery, University of Salford, in 2019 – before touring across the North West and to FORMAT19, Derby. Read more here.