Recent Acquisitions

a black rectangle with a very small image of planet earth in the centre

Mishka Henner, Selfie (2017) courtesy the artist.

February 2022

Mishka Henner
Selfie (2017)
Reflective dye sublimation print on aluminium

Henner’s practice ‘navigates through digital terrain to focus on key subjects of cultural and geo-political interest – often reflecting on cultural and industrial infrastructures.

To make Selfie, the artist zoomed all the way out from their studio address in Manchester on Google Earth – and then zoomed out even further.  Using an intentionally reflective surface, the viewer finds their own image superimposed on the small earth – especially when taking a photo or selfie.  The artist comments: “With your reflection in the picture, this is you, the world, and everything you’ve ever known”.

Selfie was acquired to mark the launch of Energy House 2.0, a world-leading new facility on campus. It is display alongside other works chosen from the Art Collection, which all consider how we use technology to understand the world around us.  The University Collection also includes two earlier works by Henner, Wasson Oil and Gas Field, Yoakum County, Texas (2013-14) and Cedar Point Oil Field, Harris County, Texas (2013-14)

Part of our About the Digital collection strand.

About the artist:  Born in Belgium in 1976, Henner now lives and works in Greater Manchester. He exhibits nationally and internationally, and has work held in public and private collections.