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University of Salford Art Collection: Catalogue

Welcome to the University of Salford Art collection online catalogue (beta version). Our collection of modern and contemporary art exists for anyone – staff, student, or public, to enjoy.

You can browse the collection by medium, collecting strand or artist name using the tabs above, or search the whole catalogue by keyword. Alternatively, enjoy a randomly generated selection of the whole catalogue below – hit refresh for a new selection.

The full collection includes over 900 items which we are uploading on an ongoing basis. Currently (Jan 2023) around 30% of the Collection is represented online – please get in touch if you’d like to know more about an artist or artwork not yet uploaded.

Find out more about the collection here. To learn more about our wider programme – including new commissions, upcoming exhibitions, events, opportunities, and more, please visit our main site – or find us on socials/email below. We welcome your feedback and enquiries!


Image Use & Copyright

All images and materials on this site are copyright the artist, unless otherwise stated. Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders and obtain permission to reproduce materials. Materials are provided here for reference and educational purposes only. 

Please contact us with any enquiries relating to this material or the rights holder, to request image use, or for further information.