Chinese Contemporary Art

This unique collection includes work by artists from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the wider diaspora/artists of Chinese heritage. It has been developed mainly since 2013, when the University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) in Manchester. Through working initially with CFCCA, and increasingly commissioning new work with wider partners such as Open Eye GalleryLOOK International Photography Festival, and Photofair Shanghai, as well as independent curators such as Ying Kwok, the collection has grown to include work by 29 emerging and established artists (as of August 2020, with several further commissions underway).

Recognising global shifts in power from West to East, and wanting to ensure that the Collection is international in focus, this strand also connects to the work of the School of Arts and Media across China (at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in Dailan, China Academy of Arts in Shanghai, and Chengdu University).

Artworks vary from painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation. What links these works is the artists’ connection with Northwest England and how, in different ways, they each reflect the changing world that we live in.

Artists in the collection include:
AAAJIAO, Li Binyuan, Suki Chan, Chou-Yu Cheng, Gordon Cheung, Luke Ching, Cao Fei, Han Feng, Chen Hangfeng, Kong Chun Hei, Owen Leong, susan pui san lok, Wang Ningde, Ma Qiusha, Cheng Ran, Tian Taiquan, Wu Chi-Tsung, Annie Lai Kuen Wan, Yan Xing, Lu Xinjian, Sun Xun, Lu Yang, Samson Young, Miao Ying, Yang Yongliang, Chen Ching-Yuan, Liang Yue, He Xiangyu, Shen Xin