This is a black and white photo depicting some machinery on the dock outside the window.

Luke Ching, Wall: Room 118, Titanic Hotel, Stanley Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool, 2017. Installation photograph by Rob Battersby. © Luke Ching.

Luke Ching, Titanic Hotel Photographs, 2017

Artist: Luke Ching

Title: Wall: Room 118, Titanic Hotel, Stanley Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool, 2017

Year: 2017

Medium: Pinhole photographs


Accession Number: US2017-02b

Acquisition info:

Much of Luke Ching’s photographic artwork explores the processes of urbanisation, charting the changing face of the cities in which he has worked. In January 2017, Ching undertook a 10-day residency in Liverpool, transforming a hotel room in the Titanic Hotel (a 200 year old former warehouse), Stanley Dock, into a camera obscura, or pin-hole camera. In the darkened space of room 118, Ching placed a grid of A3 light sensitive paper on the wall, opposite a tiny hole, through which the outside world was captured over a long exposure time. This work touches on the processes of time and the temporary nature of our urban fabric and social interactions. Building a temporary, giant camera within the transient space of a hotel room, Ching’s work prompts a consideration of the durability of places and environments, and an acknowledgement, that although change may be slow, or fast, it does indeed happen. 

Luke Ching completed a BA Fine Art at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1998 alongside a Master of Fine Art, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Recent exhibitions include: Taking the Leap, PHOTOFAIR Shanghai, China (2019); PRESENCE: A Window into Chinese Contemporary Art, Liverpool, UK (2018); Culture Shifts Global; LOOK/17: Liverpool International Photography Festival, Liverpool (2017); Connect 4 , Simon Lee Gallery, Hong Kong (2016); For now we see through a window, dimly,  Gallery Exit, Hong Kong, (2016). 

 An interview: The Double Negative with Luke Ching: 

Poems by Charlotte Robson in response to Window (Day 2): Room 118, Titanic Hotel, Stanley Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool, 2017.

A co-commission for LOOK/17 Liverpool International Photography Festival at Culture Shifts: Global, Open Eye Gallery, April – June 2017.

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