A white skeletal digital rendering of an ornate bandstand floats against a dark blue background.

Laura Daly, The Storm Cone, 2021, Augmented Reality App. Image courtesy of the artist.

Laura Daly, The Storm Cone, 2021

Artist: Laura Daly, with music composed by Lucy Pankhurst

Title: The Storm Cone

Year: 2021

Medium: Augmented Reality App

Dimensions: N/A

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The Storm Cone by Laura Daly is an immersive artwork that considers our intrinsic relationship with the past. At its centre is a journey through music and sound that charts the fading away of a brass band during the interwar years (1918 – 1939). Using new technologies to trace lost bandstands in their final days of mass popularity, we first encounter the band performing as a full ensemble, in 360˚audio. Breath-taking detail can be heard from every instrument as you move amongst the absent musicians; proximity altering the perception of sounds as Pankhurst’s score builds and then returns to a single note. From the powerful, collective sound of the band, the journey then follows the departed musicians into eight spatial sound works by Daly, where their fragile solo phrases merge and mutate in new environments. History, fiction, artifice and reality combine within this sensory encounter to confront the present with its past.

Acquisition info: The Storm Cone is commissioned through a partnership between University of Salford Art Collection and Metal in collaboration with Salford Culture and Place Partnership on the occasion of Rediscovering Salford. Generously supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Also supported by PN Daly Ltd and Zinc and Copper Roofing.