An intentionally glitched abstract image with multicolour vertical stripes

Thomson & Craighead, Corruption I & II, 2014. Courtesy the artists and Carroll/Fletcher Gallery.

Thomson & Craighead, Corruption I & II, 2014

Artist: Thomson & Craighead

Title: Corruption I & II

Year: 2014

Medium: Photographic lightbox print

Dimensions: h42.5 x w56.5 x d11.5

Accession Number: US2014-8

Acquisition info: Purchased in 2014

Corruption I and Corruption II  are from an edition of twelve photographic light boxes each displaying twelve frames taken from a corrupt video file found online – a file intended to put a virus onto the downloader’s computer but which appears pixilated, painterly and abstract when opened in a video player. In searching out these glitches, malfunctions and distortions, the artists represent them as aesthetic propositions, reminding us that the act of looking itself distorts our perception of reality. Lenticular printing enables the artists to show multiple images that animate as the viewer moves in space. They do not ‘playback’ or move automatically.