a sculpture representing a nurturing pose.

Clasp (2007) Iron sculpture. by Karen Lyons. University of Salford.

Karen Lyons, Iron, 2007

Artist: Karen Lyons

Title: Iron

Year: 2007

Medium: sculpture


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Location: Mary Seacole Building, Frederick Road campus, University of Salford
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Clasp was commissioned for the inauguration of the Mary Seacole Building – a place of learning for nurses. Mary Seacole is a heroine of the Crimean War and an iconic figure for the nursing profession.

Clasp represents a nurturing gesture – formed from the interior space when two hands are gently clasped, as if protecting a delicate life.

Produced with assistance by students from Albion High School, Salford.

Made in association with Architects Atherden Fuller Leng.

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