A colourful oil painting depicting a girl with dark skin sat profile to the viewer but turning and leaning forwards to look directly towards the viewer. Her hands rest over each other in front of her on a red surface, her clothing is pink with a collar, and her arms are exposed. Behind the figure is a colourful, abstract background.

Albert Adams, Portrait of Miss Rhoda Samuels, 1958, Painting. Image Courtesy the Artist's Estate. Photography by Museums Photography North West.

Albert Adams, Portrait of Miss Rhoda Samuels, 1958

Artist: Albert Adams (b. 1929 – d. 2006)

Title: Portrait of Miss Rhoda Samuels

Year: 1958

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 80.5 cm x 76 cm

Accession Number: US2012-16

Acquisition info:

Gift from Edward Glennon, 2012. Supported by the ArtFund.

This work is part of ourĀ Albert Adams Special Collection.