A still from a video, showing a person with a beard and shoulder length hair, in a white labcoat. They are looking into a glass chamber, which is obscured by reflection.

Shezad Dawood Leviathan Cycle, Episode 1: Ben (production still) 2017 HD Video, 12'52''. Courtesy of the artist and UBIK Productions

Shezad Dawood, Leviathan Cycle, Episode 1: Ben, 2017

Artist: Shezad Dawood (b. 1974)

Title: Leviathan Cycle, Episode 1: Ben

Year: 2017

Medium: Single Channel HD Video, Colour, Stereo 5.1, 16:9

Duration: 12’52”

Accession Number: 2017-09

Acquisition info: Commissioned by University of Salford Art Collection and Leviathan – Human and Marine Ecology, with support from The Contemporary Art Society