An etching depicting the destorted profile ofa figure, from the neck up, hanging upsidown into the center of the work. The head is boxed in, and lines protrude from the figure's wide eye and open mouth.

Albert Adams, The Prisoner (Incarceration) Cell Window, 2002, Print. Image Courtesy the Artist's Estate. Photography by Museums Photography North West.

Albert Adams, The Prisoner (Incarceration) Cell Window, 2002

Artist: Albert Adams

Title: The Prisoner (Incarceration) Cell Window

Year: 2002

Medium: Etching

Dimensions: H: 75.5cm W: 56.2cm

Accession Number: US2012-46

This work is part of our Albert Adams Special Collection.

Acquisition info: Gift from Edward Glennon, 2012. Supported by the ArtFund.