An expressive drawing depicts a semi-abstracted figure. contrast between blocks of black, and places left blank, define the figure's form. The figure's head is bent in towards a block od darkness, their features obscured, only the ear visible. Their head, torso, and right elbow are represented through gently blurred diagonal lines, suggestive of movement.

Albert Adams, Figure Study, 1977, Drawing. Image Courtesy the Artist's Estate. Photography by Museums Photography North West.

Albert Adams, Figure Study, 1977

Artist: Albert Adams

Title: Figure Study

Year: 1977

Medium: Graphite on Paper

Dimensions: H: 112.5cm W: 87cm

Accession Number: US2012-90

This work is part of our Albert Adams Special Collection.

Acquisition info: Gift from Edward Glennon, 2012. Supported by the ArtFund.