A print depicting the artist. The torso is turned away at 90 degrees from the viewer, but hte figure, shown from shoulder up, makes looks out towards the viewer. The forms of the face are represented with thin lines, like contour lines, suggesting the high points of the face such as the cheek bones. The eyes are left pale, without irises.

Albert Adams, Self Portrait, 1956, Print. Image Courtesy the Artist's Estate. Photography by Museums Photography North West.

Albert Adams, Self Portrait, 1956

Artist: Albert Adams

Title: Self Portrait

Year: 1956

Medium: Etching

Dimensions: H: 53.4cm W: 37.4cm

Accession Number: US2012-81

This work is part of our Albert Adams Special Collection.

Acquisition info: Gift from Edward Glennon, 2012. Supported by the ArtFund.