A delicate etching depicts a monkey with an open, screaming mouth, and dark eyes. The monkey is attached from the top of it's head, through spindly twisting cables, to a machine behind. A skeleton is turned, profile to the viewer, to control the machine. In the background, the image is framed by a rectangle grid, like a jail cell.

Albert Adams, Skeleton Electrocuting an Ape, date not known, Print. Image Courtesy the Artist's Estate. Photography by Museums Photography North West.

Albert Adams, Skeleton Electrocuting an Ape, Date Not Known

Artist: Albert Adams

Title: Skeleton Electrocuting an Ape

Year: date not known

Medium: Etching

Dimensions: H: 76cm W: 56.5cm

Accession Number: US2012-83

This work is part of our Albert Adams Special Collection.

Acquisition info: Gift from Edward Glennon, 2012. Supported by the ArtFund.