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Patrick Hughes, Wet Rainbow, 1979

Artist: Patrick Hughes

Title: Wet Rainbow

Year: 1979

Medium: screenprint

Dimensions: 75 x 57.7

Accession Number: 187

Acquisition info: Purchase.

Hughes work explores perception and illusion. In the 60s and 70s he developed his ‘rainbow’ series “A rainbow is a transitory event composed of water, air and light. I tried to give it a mass, permanence and personality.” He is also well known for inventing the ‘reverspective’ a type of 3D painting or print which offers an optical illusion to a viewer moving past.

Kip Gresham, Speed and Magic, 1979

Artist: Kip Gresham (b. 1951)

Title: Speed and Magic

Year: 1979

Medium: Screenprint

Dimensions: H:85 W:62

Accession Number: 270


Steve Currie, The Pathology of Perception, 1979

Artist: Steve Currie

Title: The Pathology of Perception

Year: 1979

Medium: Silkscreen Print

Dimensions: H: 75cm W: 100cm

Accession Number: 258